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Speakwithlarrys Podcast

Mr. James has created a place to interview people he helps set up the foundations of their business, a place he can share information that he gathers, and a place for you to get to know him and others who are like minded. Now whether or not you are someone who found my show accidentally of searched for it on purpose I appreciate you being here and as I always like to end my show's "Share with someone else what I've shared with you".

Mar 5, 2019

Interview with Shana

Feb 5, 2019

This episode I'm speaking from a personal development perspective and my question again is Why are you not doing what you'd like? Do you believe your situation is holding you back or is it you who is holding you back?

Oct 8, 2018

This episode I wanted to give a perspective of how men act verses the way women act and then let you know that in many cases there's a reason you act and feel that way.

Sep 18, 2018

Fears, Phobias and More discusses many of the things that take place within you when you decide to start your own business. Some of the other topics I talk about are your thoughts, and emotions all designed to help you overcome self defeating mannerisms that show up as you move forward.

Sep 4, 2018

This episode talks about health and health issues things such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and more. As we get older there are certain things we can do to remain in good health one of those things is to be informed about our health.