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Speakwithlarrys Podcast

Mr. James has created a place to interview people he helps set up the foundations of their business, a place he can share information that he gathers, and a place for you to get to know him and others who are like minded. Now whether or not you are someone who found my show accidentally of searched for it on purpose I appreciate you being here and as I always like to end my show's "Share with someone else what I've shared with you".

Sep 29, 2014

Many new entrepreneurs miss out time after time on opportunities to brand themselves simply because they can't really recognize how easy it really is.

You can make almost any event an opportunity to market and brand yourself. As you listen to my clip just think of all the times you've had already that you didn't take...

Sep 22, 2014

When you think of the word dream you don't normally think of hard work, sacrifices, commitment, and those types of terms. You normally think of success, accomplishments, making it.

Well the best way to accomplish your dream is to identify your gifts ot talents and create a business around those.

Sep 15, 2014

Creating systems are part of structuring your business and as you create those systems as your business grows you'll be able to outsource those skills to what's known as Virtual Assistants.

Doing that allows you to free up some very valuable time, that you can do other things with like travel, play, spend time with your...

Sep 8, 2014

Many times when an opportunity comes your way, you're not prepared to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, most times it's not because you can't, it's because you're afraid. Lack of knowledge about something will cause you to stay in what you label as a safe place. Again, unfortunately, there's no growth in a safe place.

Sep 1, 2014

When you mention speaking in public to most people their mind shuts down to the possibility. Not because they can't do it, but because of the fear they have of it. I for one must admit, I had that fear, didn't like it, didn't want it, and what I wanted to become required that I go through getting comfortable with...